Wood Carving “Big five” on gunstock of Blaser R93


Gunstock of R93:
Wood carving Class I + , lines inlays white metal, inlaid figures of boxwood (lat. buxus)

Приклад от ловно оръжие R93:
дърворезба клас І+, контурни инкрустации бял метал, инкрустирани фигури от чимшир(лат. buxus)


Wood Carving “Big five” on gunstock of Blaser R93

12 thoughts on “Wood Carving “Big five” on gunstock of Blaser R93”

  1. hello friend, how are you doing with the white line around the pictures, what's the product that you go through to give that color?

  2. the work you have done on all that I have seen on your web site is superb. your ability to relief carve and do intricate inlays is great. I especially  enjoyed the distinct layering of your work, how everything is placed upon the stock and fore end so that your eye is drawn from place to place by the picture framing scenes that trail along by the acanthus plants. The many different levels of carving are visually pleasant and make me anxious to move to the next area which joyfully, is as good as the last. You have inspired me. Thank You

  3. Evgeni Dimov, thanks for sharing your videos of your work. Your carvings are amazing and top quality. You are the greatest gun carver I have seen. Breathtaking, simply breathtaking.

  4. Hi Evgeni, you are a great master!! your work is just amazing! Thank you for sharing videos with us! And please more videos! ! Bravo i niski poklon tebe.

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