12 thoughts on “Wood Carving 101 – Part 5”

  1. I enjoyed the tutorials on Wood Carving 101, very informative. I am starting to do a little carving myself, having trouble with the 3D view though, thanks again.

  2. Wonderful art creations,a pleasure to watch and very informative to a beginner like me.Thank you. 

  3. Thank you for your time, I enjoyed it quite a bit. 60 years old and just starting out 🙂 I appreciate your talent…

  4. @1757ron in wildlife, mostly birds, song birds and gamebirds. You can see them on my web pages.

  5. hi Ron, I really enjoyed watching your step by step video's 1 thur 5, would love to see more of art work, do you crave wildlife too.

  6. WOW really like the work you did in this series. i just started carving about a year ago and only do small things like hearts and stuff like that. now im working on horse heads. but i really wanna try making peoples faces head what now and you made it look so easy i cant wait to get more tools and the wood to start. thanks for the good series and looking forward to seeing more.

  7. I have a video called "Tricks of the Trade" that deals with making braids and feathers and horns as well as fixing defects, cracks and splits.. That may help you.

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