Wood Burning Stoves – 5 Quick Tips – Burning Clean & Green

Wood Burning Stoves - 5 Quick Tips - Burning Clean & Green
Info on EcoBricks: http://ecobrick.net/microsite/
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-Maintain the appropriate heat level in your stove. Temperatures under 300 degrees F will cause unburned fuel, or creosote, to build up in your stovepipe, potentially causing a fire. Constant temperatures above 500 F degrees can damage vital components of your stove. Buy and mount a temperature gauge to monitor your heat levels.

-Buy an appropriate size stove for the room home you are heating. Don’t try to overheat a small stove for a large area, or waste wood and money heating up a large stove for a small room.

-Use the correct fuel. Dry, seasoned hardwood will burn more efficiently than standard wood. Using compressed sawdust bricks are a great alternative to firewood, burning longer, hotter, cleaner, and often cheaper than seasoned hardwood.

-Clean your stove pipe three times per season. This may sound like a lot, but there will be less to clean each time, and it will help eliminate creosote buildup, the main source of stove-related home fires.

-Lastly, watch for smoke. The less coming out of your stovepipe, the better. Smoke is unburned, wasted fuel, so you’re literally watching your money go up in smoke. Always monitor your stove temperatures and burn the right fuel.
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Wood Burning Stoves – 5 Quick Tips – Burning Clean & Green

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  1. Clean burning is NOT POSSIBLE. It is much better to STOP BURNING WOOD totally. It is very bad for the health of the owner. You can say that is his or her problem. However your neighbours cannot prevent it. Their health goes to hell, thanks to the woodfire nextdoor.

  2. There is no such thing as  'clean and green' where wood stoves are concerned. There are no safe levels of wood smoke pollutants, pm2.5's are not visible they get into the blood stream causing cancer, dementia, asthma in children, Adult-Onset Asthma, heat disease,  low birthweight, still birth, even cervical cancer. Any disease associated with smoking tobacco is also associated with woodsmoke. There is no toxin present in tobacco smoke that isn't present in woodsmoke and more so. 70% of the smoke from a wood burning stove gets into surrounding houses. 

    The Black Carbon or soot, from woodsmoke is 1000's of times more potent a greenhouse gas than CO2 even though it lasts in the environment for a relatively short time. Even when calculated ver a 100 year timescale it is still 1000's of times more potent. The greenest healthiest thing to do with wood is leave it growing in the environment. It baffles me how it's usually greens who burn wood yet complain about deforestation. Where do they think wood comes from?

  3. I am a pipe smoker, and I have found that leaving the door open helps remove the tobacco smoke, but the stove doesn't heat up. I use noting but citrus and grape firewood and I'm not seeing much creosote. I burned similar wood in a standard fireplace for years with very little buildup. Am I damaging my stove? The wood burns efficiently, whether or not the door is closed.

  4. Smoke means the fire is dampened down and all the heat isn't escaping. More heat escaping less smoke.?

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