Wood Burning Stove – Tips For An Efficient Warming Experience

Wood Burning Stove - Tips For An Efficient Warming Experience
In this video I share some tips I have learned and tried myself to conserve wood and have a more efficient way to heat your home, its easy to make a fire and keep adding wood, but these tips will help you to use less wood and allow it to burn longer…

Wood Burning Stove – Tips For An Efficient Warming Experience

15 thoughts on “Wood Burning Stove – Tips For An Efficient Warming Experience”

  1. very nice control of your environment it's like watching a nature show good help as well
    I had it 85 degrees in the back bedroom with a 2421 logwood stove my 1st year burning wood.
    my wife was about too through me out with winter approching.
    this may very well have saved me.

  2. Great tip on the sideways (east west) for slow burn. I have a new airtight with dry wood but no chimney damper so solely controlled by air dampener. I had logs north south after a day's worth of coals but fire still was too hot so I moved tjem and it calmed right down! I'm not a rookie in wood so this was a nice surprise.

  3. Just found your channel and subscribed…Awesome video! We just moved off-grid, full-time, as of September 8th of this year. Last night, our trailer got to 21 degrees fahrenheit, burrrrr…..We just got our wood stove installed, last night, in an entryway that we built last week. But the entryway is not connected to the trailer, yet, but will be by tomorrow. I was wondering how to get the fire to burn all night long without using coal and your video answered that question for me…Thank you sooo much for this info! We will definitely put it to good use to stay warm this winter!

  4. I'm not sure people who don't have stoves would be watching this would they? So no need to worry about it being boring, lol. It was useful, thanks 🙂

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