Wood Burning Stove in our Bus Conversion | The Bus Life

Wood Burning Stove in our Bus Conversion | The Bus Life
Our Cub Cubic Mini Wood Stove is in and the original Good News Bus has it’s new paint!

Wood Stove here: https://cubicminiwoodstoves.com
Fan: https://amzn.to/2OrbA4Q
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2 x Metal Drop Leaf Supports, Pair: https://amzn.to/2vBezAR
2 x Garelick Stowable Table Pedestal Complete 3-Piece Set: https://amzn.to/2vzSxOQ

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Wood Burning Stove in our Bus Conversion | The Bus Life

19 thoughts on “Wood Burning Stove in our Bus Conversion | The Bus Life”

  1. Another excellent video Good family
    I am anxiously waiting for the move in and live in video though
    How much longer?
    I have been sharing your videos with my wife and she is amazed that 11 people can live in such tight quarters
    I love it and the kids will cherish their childhood when they’ve grown
    Thank you and keep doing your going 👍🏻😊
    We only have three and they kept us busy, but are 17,18, and 22 now
    You have a beautiful family

  2. AT first I didn't like the brick chimney going from the dark brick to the white out on the brick (from grouting). While viewing this video, I guess I changed my mind. I really like the way the brick chimney looks… I like the way the Cubic sits on there too. Those are pretty nice stoves. I really like the kitchen cabinets with the special thick coating on the doors on the cabinets. The cabinets look high end shiny with the wood grain. I think you folks are very talented and very creative with your DIY ideas. Good going passing on skills to your kids.

  3. Beautiful job on the stove!! Looks like the new owners are going for that old 1950's look. I like it.

  4. Cool mini wood stove, I love those little cuties! And I love the very cool new beachie blue bus color.

  5. We love your videos we would love to have the money to do something like this we a large family there are 7 of us I pray some day we can do this god bless

  6. Love the little cub stove and the brick backer you did for it! Curious how is that going to be vented? And is the vent something you have to remove when your driving the bus?

  7. Maybe for my tiny house project it could be cool to buy this model too i think, there’s something modern and vintage in the same time.

  8. I hope you give a tour inside your bus when you are all settled in. What do you do for meal planning I would really like to know. I have a family of 5 and we will be traveling in the near future. I hope you do a video on meal planning and what you prepare and eat maybe some tips on how to save money. I found that buying dehydrated products really help me. I buy the dehydrated eggs and milk for baking what a lifesaver. And you get to lick the batter because there is no harmful bacteria in dehydrated products such as salmonella. I really love using the dehydrated Meats such as the shredded beef to make my Stew's with and also the dehydrated chicken to make my chicken soup with cuts down a whole lot on using the oven. It may seem to cost more but it really does last a whole lot longer. God bless you all

  9. Everything is coming right along! Can't wait to see you all on the road again! God bless and Happy Travels 😊

  10. Y'all need to wear masks just because you are outside doesn't change the inhalation risk.
    God Bless

  11. The firer in that stove doesn't last more than 2-3 hours then it's dead in the cub , tiny house prepper had that one and he up graded to the grizzly he made a video on it you should check it out not to discourage you it a nice stove but you will be feeding it a lot to keep it going . Love all your videos you guys are wonderful family .p.s. I would phone the company to see if you can trad for the grizzly .

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