Wood burning – How it’s done

Wood burning - How it's done
Kind of a tutorial on how I do pyrography (wood burning).

The box shown in this video that I did my wood burning on will be a project video next. However, I am not sure when I’ll be able to post that video because I am going back to China for a while and the Chinese firewall blocks any Youtube and Google services. Therefore, if you do see the box video in the next week or so, that means I have successfully hacked the firewall.
I am no expert at woodburning, this is simply to share my experience in woodburning with everyone else.

Wood burning – How it’s done

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  1. That's an ironcore burner right? I remember using an older model back in year 8 (many, many many years ago). We used to just stick paperclips in them! Your spear tip looks much more pro 😀

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