Wood Burning Hot Tub

Wood Burning Hot Tub
Building a Wood burning hot tub from scratch. No pumps or power is used to heat this tub.

Material Specs:

Hot tub shell (purchased from Craigslist for free)
Copper Piping, two 50 foot rolls of 3/4” OD
Timbers used were logged on my own property (spruces)

Cartoon used was GI JOE

Wood Burning Hot Tub

7 thoughts on “Wood Burning Hot Tub”

  1. nice.
    But I dont think the heat is enough. The pool size takes much energy through evaporation cooling!

  2. Carl, I have a very basic question: What did you do to plug the other holes in the hot tub? I have one with abnormal sized holes and can't simply find a plug at the store. I'm to the point where I need to fiberglass over the holes or find some other way to plug them. Just curious to know how you did it.

  3. I dont understand. i tried that way but the water boiled in the pipe cuz it got so hot and it just started making a lot of noise ( Steam touches colder water) but instead of having the pipe in the end of the burning tank i had it in the middle og the burning tank

  4. Great video! Subscribed. Check out my cabin channel. some friends and i have a off grid cabin in WA state.

  5. What temp does the water get to?  Is there a possibility of scorch, or not hot enough to worry about?

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