19 thoughts on “Vintage Looking Copper And Barnwood Logo Sign | Woodworking | How To | DIY”

  1. Very cool!! The copper, old wood and black accents give it a truly vintage look. You should be very proud of tour sign.

  2. I love what you did here. Have you ever thought about investing in a CNC machine like the X Carve? Would save lots of time on the printing and cutting phase.

  3. How would we ever get ahold of the guy that does the designs? As soon as you were talking about it, a good one popped into my head

  4. I think this sign would look good in the Keweenaw……..you know, copper country! The barn board looks great. How did you finish the back and sides?

  5. This is sick dude! The copper, the black and the vintage wood looks awesome! Glad I found this video!

  6. Love the sign! I think it turn out amazingly! Love your videos, keep up the good job

  7. Great job! If you don't have a j-roller you can lay a block of wood on it and hit it with a hammer. I learned that working in a cabinet shop doing Formica (plastic laminate). That was back when people actually still wanted Formica. Obviously, be careful around the edges and select a piece of wood that is smooth.

  8. I see those beautiful mallets hanging in the background! Awesome sign too. I love the use of precious metals intigrated with the wood. Nice work!

  9. Where ya been man? Anything in the works?? Been craving a video from you bud!

    PS… still waiting for you to sell that 3rd Coast Craftsman Hat!

  10. Looks great. Only thing I would have different is to somehow make the boarder cover the ends of the barn board. Great job.

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