Unusual Woodworking Tool! Making a Plane Maker’s Float

Unusual Woodworking Tool!  Making a Plane Maker's Float
In this video, knifemaker Walter Sorrells makes an unusual woodworking tool known as a float. Similar to a file or a rasp, the float is useful for flattening tenons, mortises, plane bodies and other precision wood working items, as well as for squaring up their internal corners. A really interesting tool and a fun project!

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Unusual Woodworking Tool! Making a Plane Maker’s Float

17 replies on “Unusual Woodworking Tool! Making a Plane Maker’s Float”

  1. sirocoteeee or ceroteeeee, cant make head or tails on what he was pronouncing. Both funny!!! Any chance of having that one made with a file? A video showing a jig to get the 10 degrees?

  2. I'm with you 100% until you get to shaping the tang with the belt grinder. As a better machinist than knife maker, I head for the mill for operations like this.

    I'm asking this in earnest, not trolling — why do knife makers do roughing on the grinder – I'd rough on the bandsaw, it seems like it would be much faster.

  3. I'm with you on the point of wasting time on making tools. I made a jointer plane with firewood and an eBay blade, and never bothered to "finish" it. Just got it to a point where it works, and it really works great, but other than the sole it's still completely crooked and rough. Taking it any further would be masturbation!

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