Unknown Woodworking 6-13-18

Unknown Woodworking 6-13-18
Chad Stanton and Dan Kine still can’t decide on a name for their show, but the viewers have a lot of suggestions. The boys talk about the projects they are doing and a tool review. They discuss companies such as Shop Fox, WoodRiver, CrystaLac and more. Chad shows off an old antique tool most have not seen.
Mitch Peacock has a video he is releasing just for the viewers of this show! He has a short and long version of how to do hand cut dovetails. And Jay Spencer has anew blog documenting his journey as a furniture making and launching his own brand and style. Read about that and more!!!!!

Mitch Peacock (shorter dovetail video)

Mitch Peacock (longer in depth dovetail video)

Jay Spencer’s Blog

CrystaLac stain kit
CraftNique Kits

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Unknown Woodworking 6-13-18

7 thoughts on “Unknown Woodworking 6-13-18”

  1. Depends, are you going to use it, then restore. If you are displaying it, clean it up a bit, take care of the wood and no more.

  2. Rabbets? I cut 'em on my table saw. What's a hand plane? (just kidding – don't have a stroke, Chad!) lol

    Just oil up the wood on the antique tool. Clean up the gears if you're going to use it, otherwise, leave it be. Just my opinion…

    Wednesday show name suggestion: What We're Doing

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