Ultra Smooth Finishing Method – Great for tables or Counters

Ultra Smooth Finishing Method - Great for tables or Counters
In this video I demonstrate my technique to get an ultra smooth finish that is both pleasing to the touch and the paper towel used to dust it. Seriously.. Don’t you hate it when you’re finally getting around to dusting something and it’s so rough that the paper towel tears apart and ends up making it look worse? Stop all that nonsense and start making ultra smooth finishes!

For more infomration, you really should check out my more detailed article here: https://www.monolocoworkshop.com/2015/12/ultra-smooth-finishing-method.html

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Ultra Smooth Finishing Method – Great for tables or Counters

14 thoughts on “Ultra Smooth Finishing Method – Great for tables or Counters”

  1. Help! I used this method and have circular sanding marks and along the grain sanding marks left. Will they go away with each additional coat? I'm on my 3rd coat. How do I get to the point that I no longer sandpaper scratches? I used 600 wet/dry sandpaper

  2. For the last step you had the tabletop still wet with the poly/spirits mix and sanded with that and then just kept wiping that sanded/wet mixture around until it became dry? So all the sanded particles just dried in that final coat?

  3. Hi Ty. Thanks for the info. Can I clarify the steps. Do you: first sand you wood surface – maybe to 240 grit. Then do you apply a coat of poly with tee shirt rag, and sand again with 240? allow to dry… then do you work your way through the grits to the 5/6 coat repeating the process. And on the final coat you actually don't stop with the rag until polished and dry? However in the other steps previous you allow to dry naturally for an hour or so between applications. To confirm.. Sand.. Then rag on poly/spirit mixture and sand..let dry for an hour or more… repeat as many times as desired working through the grits.. only the final step. don't allow to dry, buff with teeshirt to high gloss? Thanks for the info – or if anybody else can confirm that wold be great. Thanks, Nick

  4. I've seen people who use mineral spirits to clean their brushes and clean the table off after sanding? Can you do the same with paint thinner? Also, is it bad to use the same brush that I used for staining for polyurethane? Even if I cleaned it with paint thinner.

  5. Hello ty hope you see this.

    I am doing 8ft panel poplar doors which are stained a deep burgandy. I have tried everything spraying, many different brushes and now your wipe on. No mater what I get inconsistent results.

    Currently I see the sand marks through the wipe on. 220g then 400g before wipe on. Do I need to sand untill the makes are completely even? Like Turing it into a white even cloud?

    Wish I could post pics but can't on here.

  6. I would recommend starting with regular poly (not wipe-on), as wipe-on poly has already been diluted, yet it's more expensive per quart than undiluted poly in the store (kind of a ripoff). Buy mineral spirits by the gallon, and poly by the quart. This way you can stock quarts of different types of poly (satin, semi, and gloss) and you can make wipe-on versions of each of them as needed. They all dilute fine with the inexpensive mineral spirits.

  7. Great video! What brand sandpaper do you use or do you think home store grade is adequate? Thanks

  8. Would this work even if the table has some space between the boards? Or if not how would you suggest handling that?

  9. Can this technique be used with Sam Maloof poly/tung oil finish and get a more warmer color to white oak? Also new subscriber

  10. Mine is has hazy swirls after sanding with 320 and two more coats, any advice getting rid of the swirls.

  11. You are an idiot!! Never shake urethane dumb add. And unless you want to put 40 coats on, mix 3 urethane to 1-2 spirits, unless you aren't selling and have lots of time.

  12. Did my Cabernet top this way, 50/50, Polyurethane/ mineral spirit, 10 coats 😀, absolutely beautiful finish, impressive, thank you for the video

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