Turning with Glow Inlay Powder | Woodturning How-to

Turning with Glow Inlay Powder | Woodturning How-to
Today we’ll cover how to add Glow Inlay Powder to a Comfort Ring Core.

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Inlay is a fun way to add a unique look to your turnings. Our Glow Inlay Powder looks good on it’s own, but it also glows for up to ten hours. We’ll show you how to add it into your next project using our simple instructions.

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Product Description –
Not only does this glow-in-the-dark powder inlay add color and contrast to your projects, it glows in the dark up to 10 hours. Available in Green and Blue, this photoluminescent phosphor powder is perfect for projects like rings, light pulls, pens and more.
It can be bonded into a turned recess using thin cyanoacrylate adhesive with activator, then turned to shape using carbide tipped tools.

Because it’s a very hard stone compound, it’s abrasive on tools and cutters and requires carbide tools for turning. traditional high speed steel tools are too soft. However, with a bit of patience, the results are well worth the effort!

• Supplied in a 1/2 oz. bag
• Requires carbide tools for turning

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Turning with Glow Inlay Powder | Woodturning How-to

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