Turning a stick into a bowl

Turning a stick into a bowl
Trying to use up some Resin I’d forgotten about, it’s new but has a shelf life and I was way past that time frame, Resin4art… I really like this stuff. easy to mix and cures crystal clear, The stick is something I found in the yard, Thorn Apple I think, looks like it had been under water for some time, I hope you enjoy !

Resin I used for this project

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Turning a stick into a bowl

12 thoughts on “Turning a stick into a bowl”

  1. Tenho acompanhado seu trabalho , muito bem acabado e de bom gosto. Tenho curiosidade de saber sobre aquele recipiente onde prepara o material com a resina, aquilo é pressurizado? Chega a quantos psi?, Ele encurta o tempo de cura ou compacta mais o material?

  2. If you ever do that type of a thing again, you might try to vacuumn minwax hardener into the wood pieces. Then pressure your resin into the form you desire. You will not need as much resin, and the wood will not be soft as you experienced.

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