Top 9 Wood Stove Accessories Every Wood Burner Should Have

Top 9 Wood Stove Accessories Every Wood Burner Should Have
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Video Highlights:
0:11 Fireplace Gloves
0:51 Firewood Tote/Carrier
1:41 Hearth Rack
2:06 A Good Tool Set
3:02 Steamer and Trivet
3:40 Indoor Ash Buckets
4:20 Outdoor Ash Storage Container
4:51 Wood Stove Thermometer
6:05 Glass Cleaner

When burning in a wood stove it is important to be prepared and have all of the accessories that you need to keep the experience as easy as possible without spending a ton of money on unnecessary items. We have come up with a list of the most helpful wood stove accessories to help keep your wood burning experience simple and enjoyable.

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Top 9 Wood Stove Accessories Every Wood Burner Should Have

18 thoughts on “Top 9 Wood Stove Accessories Every Wood Burner Should Have”

  1. Why rearrange logs. If they are seasoned they will burn anyway. Madness taking the smoking log out of the stove. Thought it must be a spoof video when she did that.

  2. I would never buy a stove without an ash pan. What point is a wood burner when you have to let the fire go out to clean it?

  3. Most important accessories are a pick-up truck, preferably not a Ford, and a chain saw. And a lot of time to cut, load, haul, split, stack, bring firewood into the house, haul out the ashes, clean the chimney and clean the fine ashes off everything in the room the stove is in. And don't forget the file for sharpening the chain. And the vice to hold the bar and chain in while you're sharpening it. Oh, and don't forget the gas and oil for the saw and the chain lube. (WTF would anyone want to stick their hand into the stove and move around burning logs?) Perhaps the best accessory is a shop vac with a long enough hose to keep the vacuum canister outside so you can leave the filter off and let the fine ashes you suck up blow directly outdoors instead of stirring up a fine mist of indoors dust while sweeping the ashes. And a large flat bottomed shovel so you can carefully and slowly slide the shovel under the ashes in the stove and very slowly and carefully slide the shovel out from under the ashes as you slowly and carefully deposit them in your wheelbarrow. Oh, yes, a wheelbarrow is a great accessory. And a 10 gallon galvanized bucket with a lid to carry some of the ashes in the back of your pick-up truck to throw under your tires when you get stuck hauling wood when there's snow and ice on the ground. One with a handle so you can carry it around and spread the ashes on icy walkways. And a garden to throw most of your ashes on. And a ladder so you can get up on your roof and clean the chimney. And a stove pipe brush. And good insurance in case you fall off the roof. Perhaps the best accessory is a propane or fuel oil truck that comes to fill your tank so you don't have to burn wood. In which case you'll also want another accessory: money. And lots of it. Whether or not you burn wood. Cause wood ain't cheap unless you cut it yourself.

  4. I agree totally with You , Harlan Holmes ! That Ash Dust will cause problems in later Life ! Yes , put the Bucket as close as possible to the open Door ! I only remove Ash when it is Cold ! Have not tried your idea but I will !

  5. You are Dumping your Wood Ash into that Bucket creating a Dust Cloud rather than gently placing your Shovel lower and gently tipping the Ash off it ! So , You are making work for yourself by having to clean more around your Stove and also You are Breathing in the Ash Dust ! Maybe You just did what You did for this Video but it is worth looking after your Health !

  6. I find to clean the inside glass
    Get some of the ash and mix with a little water to make a past it makes A excellent cleaner. And don’t mark the glass

  7. If you place the wood in the CORRECT way in the first place those gloves are totally unnecessary as building a fire is not just a matter of putting some wood in a box and lighting it there is an 'art' to making a good fire every housemaid when I was a child knew how to do it and so do I.

    Best way I clean up ash is to use a damp paper towel as it settles the ash dust as well.

    And number 9 Did you remember to get the flue cleaned once every couple years for the most efficient burn?

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