Tool Tansu, carpentry woodworking tool organization cabinets

Tool Tansu, carpentry woodworking tool organization cabinets
Here is how I go about building new tool storage cabinets under a stair case. I’m calling it Tool Tansu because its similar to a traditional Japanese Kaidan Tansu.

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Link to Blum drilling template:

Link to drawer box adjusters:

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Tool Tansu, carpentry woodworking tool organization cabinets

10 thoughts on “Tool Tansu, carpentry woodworking tool organization cabinets”

  1. Such a wonderfully boring voice. And I mean that as you the biggest compliment ever. I love your videos and narration. Thanks again!

  2. Nice project Mike!Β  Looks great and easy to use also nice use of space. Thanks for sharing your video, it too was enjoyable to follow along.

  3. You might want to wear a face mask when cutting MDF. Really nasty stuff for your lungs, like cancer causing stuff.

  4. this hinges are made for doors that stops on cabinet frame but u can add little wood stop block on the top

  5. Really enjoyed the video. Great idea to use that space and it looks great. Thanks for taking use through your process on this. Probably a dumb question, but why did you use MDF vs plywood for the boxes?

  6. One of the only people I watch on YouTube that gets my full attention everytime. This was a great build and a good use of the space. The only bit I couldn't live with was the finish height of the drawers was different. I would had to have lined them up so they were the same height. That is just me thou and doesn't detract from the great build.

  7. Looks great and lots of good advice. Love that blum jig. We should campaign for the to make a longer one.
    I use the blum ecodrill for my hinges but for sure I want that power press.
    So how many routers do you own? Wife watched this with me I think I can easily justify buying more routers now πŸ‘

  8. What a lame audience…. Nobody caught the β€œStep Brothers” quote… I would follow Mike into the midst of Avalon….

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