The Yew Epoxy Resin coffee table no.1 – River table

The Yew Epoxy Resin coffee table no.1 - River table
This table is a totally new design for me using only 3 connection and steam bent oak for legs which can be removed for shipping the yew slab was cut down in 1940

Using 50mm Glasscast – which is a new deep pour Epoxy makes build up time much quicker and is super clear, this is a brand new product from Easycomposites!/resin-gel-silicone-adhesive/casting-resin/glasscast-50-clear-epoxy-river-table-resin.html

Steam bending Box tips

Former Info :
anything with a very smooth surface best thing is Polypropolyne , then use hot glue on small jobs and building caulk or filler something you can get remove easy.

This is now for Sale

The Yew Epoxy Resin coffee table no.1 – River table

17 thoughts on “The Yew Epoxy Resin coffee table no.1 – River table”

  1. Amazing😱😱This is the table how much the price is when it sells ..I'm from mslaysia, our wood again and again with beautiful golden gold

  2. Fantastic build! Do you do your tables off of customer orders, or was this a concept design?

  3. Beautiful work.Could you say why the legs were not flush with the table top,and did you consider capping the end of the legs in yew.

  4. Who was it said, "A thing of beauty is a joy forever". Indeed, this most certainly is, both in it's original form and your creation.

  5. I rarely comment, but that was brilliant. Thank you for sharing. I had a quick look at your Etsy shop and noticed that your location was in Ludlow. I shouldn't have been surprised that a Salopian was behind such quality! 🙂

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