the old J. Falk Compact Woodburning Stove

the old J. Falk Compact Woodburning Stove
Always really like this old stove. I find it easy and fun to use and pretty easy and cheap to make.
It is a bit tall so not a bad idea to use a couple of stakes to secure it to the ground on uneven ground.
On a cold Fall night..loading the sticks in warms the heart, water and hands.
All secure in sector seven,

Pocket Bellows….

Pot Cozy……

the old J. Falk Compact Woodburning Stove

20 thoughts on “the old J. Falk Compact Woodburning Stove”

  1. Not out of the woods yet? You're not in the woods yet! Keep taking care of that thing, looking forward to more Sub-Zero camping soon!

  2. mmm I tel-ye . . . they sumfin primal bout fire, m-hm. I read that it was illegal to stare into fire during Europe's dark-ages. It was feared demons would be summoned by doing it. _(0.o)_/

  3. i don't know why, but Karl talking about his titanium pot (mm hmm) made me laugh. i always enjoy Karl, but that one just struck a nerve, lol.
    on stove construction, does the tomato soup can have to be that tall? if there was a shorter one (with the right diameter), would that work, or do you need that height?

  4. And when you get tired of boiling water that thing looks like you could smelt some iron! πŸ˜‚

    Excellent use of those cans and seems easy to make, thanks πŸ‘

  5. Looks like you're healing well! 2 thumbs up for being out of the sling! Thanks for another great video too

  6. Love the mandolin rifts at 12:00. So what are the advantages for the wood stove VS the fancee Feest? And when do you use one instead of the other?

  7. great video sir, glad to hear you're healing up good. Amazing that after all these years you are still teaching and entertaining me, now I want to try making that woodburner!

  8. 60 years old,dangit shug how many carolina all the ways r in the center of a 60 year old hillbilly like you

  9. Brilliant video πŸ‘ I've used a version of this for a wee while now it works really well, it's best to point the fuel port away from any breeze forcing it to draw from the bottom

  10. Fastidious
    J Falk stove why that particular name
    Those binder clips are handy great video sir

  11. Not gonna lie, I'm glad the summer's over. I've missed seeing new videos from you. I always learn something. I got into backpacking and hammocks because of you. Thanks for what you do, Shug.

  12. This be a versatile stove methinks. You have any other older stoves around we could have a gander at? Thanks Shug!

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