The New Woodturning Videos In September 2018

The New Woodturning Videos In September 2018
At the beginning of every month, I produce a list of the woodturning videos that were published on YouTube in the previous month. This list is built from data that I have extracted from YouTube via the YouTube Data API; I began collecting data at the beginning of 2016. I run my data extraction program 3-5 times each month, then ensure that the videos captured are correctly classified as “woodturning” or “anything else”. After that, I assign the woodturning videos to categories based on the subjects of the videos. Along the way, I also capture information on the YouTube channels devoted to woodturning. As of May 1, 2018, my database has 703 woodturning channels and 25,151 woodturning videos.

Playlist of all videos published in Sept 2018:

PDF Average Views Per Day for Sept 2018:
PDF Channels Woodturning By Subscriber Count:
PDF Channels Woodturning By View Count:
PDF Channels Woodturning In Alphabetical Order:

New woodturning channels:
Jason Rodocker:
Turning the Groove:

The music during the close of the video, “Happy Little Elves” by Audionautix, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

The New Woodturning Videos In September 2018

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