The Larvic Lathe – Foot Powered Woodturning Machine

The Larvic Lathe - Foot Powered Woodturning  Machine
The Larvic Lathe, a foot powered woodturning machine designed for Orthopaedic patients to aid recovery through exercise and wood turning, a great and rewarding way to recover I reckon.

More information here on this indepth lathe website

Found it on facebook marketplace and was quite intrigued by the photo and price, it wasnt that expensive and i was thinking that if i didnt get some use out of it then it might work very well down at the local mensheds organisation I go to.

Its very interesting to use! Pumping the pedal, keeping your balance and using the chisel alltogether takes a while to master. The candle holder I made in the pop video took about 5 hours to make over two days and I sweated so much, my legs turned to jelly as i walked down the steps into the house and i nearly collapsed 🙂 People recovering from injury would have thought this a veritable torture machine.
One thing I didnt cover is the lever on the side with A,B,C,D,E,F on the side, this is a sliding weight connected to a brake so you can apply more pressure to the wheel which makes it harder to turn probably for more of a workout for the person using it. It doesnt make turning easier and thats for sure, at the moment its on A and its probably going to stay there.

I was in that much of a rush i only gave it a cursory look over, a good oiling and greasing will do it the world of good. Ive been speaking to a nice chap called Graeme whos also has one and his has been converted to electric motor. This one wont be and will stay in its manual configuration.

I could really do with a faceplate but ill have to work out the size and pitch of the teeth for that, If anyone has a user manual that would be great 🙂

Thanks for watching, apologies again for the lack of output since before makers, more sad life news recently which again has knocked me for six. Im still busy in my workshop but theres a fine line between busy and hiding. All the best and warm regards to you all, Bongo

The Larvic Lathe – Foot Powered Woodturning Machine

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  1. What a unique piece of kit well mastered Bongo enjoyed the vid and the history of the lathe

  2. Wow..that lathe works awesome…..and for cheap is good too…..soon you will have legs like a gorilla…..lmao.

  3. Aside from the torturous workout to your legs, LOL, that lathe is really fabulous. Too bad it didn't have two foot pedals, so your legs could exercise simultaneously. … hey Butters 🙂

  4. With a dead stock-no bearing in the tailstock- a little beeswax or soap between the tailstock and wood piece will help it turn easier. Nice piece of machinery!

  5. Where ya been man?!!!
    Cool piece of historical tools but I can’t see you using that much, your legs are gonna fall off bro!!
    I’m sure there’ll be another video soon of you wiring power and a motor to it!! Haha

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