The Best Wood Finishing Products – Review

The Best Wood Finishing Products - Review
Here are my suggestions on the best wood finishing products for different woodworking projects.

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The Best Wood Finishing Products – Review

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  1. Good advice! I'll agree 100% on the water-based poly…used it on an Alligator Juniper Molesworth style chair I made and it practically eliminated the wonderful graining in the juniper!

  2. Just used clear bush lacquer from minwax as final step for sealing a table and the base paint vaspar furniture paint and chalky finish(distressed look) started lifting and got ruined on a section i applyed the laquer. In disappoint of having to sand down my beautiful ruined section, i opened up my fast drying polyurethane from minwax and stirred it and applyed in another smaller section. It looks like the polyurethane didn't react to the distressed base finish and kept the clear gloss appearance. Keeping the poly as my first choice. If lacquers are a thing of the past with vehicle finishes then why not for wood finishes?

  3. Jon I just built an outdoor table. I love lacquer on my projects, I keep it covered and put indoors in the winter. Is lacquer ok for outdoors?

  4. i have waterlox and im building a lamp post and i have minwax stain can i add waterlox on top to protect it from weather thanks i watch all your videos they do help me a lot thanks take care

  5. Hey, domestic wood workers. The overseas labor force is watching you and stealing your tips. This leads to a slow death of jobs here in the USA.

  6. Hey Jon, I'm working on a project where I'm taking some long leaf pine to make a desktop/table. It's going to be 72"x28" more or less and that's including a 1" cherry breadboard all around. I'm also inlaying 3-1" strips the length of the desk evenly spaced. My question is what kind of finish would you recommend? I originally thinking of doing some epoxy/liquid glass, but I'd be curious to hear your thoughts. What's the difference between lacquer and polyurethane?

  7. Jon,
    Great Video work and info…….would you know of a matte or satin sealer or coating for raw steel to keep it from rusting? This piece is kept indoors…..thanks

  8. Good tips Jon! I found some confirmation in my choice of Waterlox for my kitchen table that was walnut. I agree that lacquer would hold up better for the top. However, food safe was a concern of mine since I have kids that put everything in their mouth including the table edge while sitting in their high chair. I went with Waterlox for the top for that reason. Yes, it is showing scratches but I feel better about eating at the table. If food falls off the plate, we don't feel bad about eating it off of the table. I can always lightly sand the top of the table and apply another coat of waterlox.

  9. So if there might be a lot of wear on the furniture I could use the wipe oil based for like 4-6 coats than a water based poly like that min wax?

  10. Good tips, Jon. Since traditionally furniture interiors and drawers are left unfinished I like to use a wash coat of shellac, it's hardly visible at all, the wood looks unfinished but it has some protection from fingerprints and dirt. And General Finishes oil-based gel stains and gel polyurethane are really nice to work with (wipe on) and make a beautiful finish. I hate cleaning my spray gun 🙁

  11. Excellent information. Finishes have so many choices it gets confusing.

    One question, when using a wipe on poly or waterlocks, when sanding between coats is that like a 320 grit or higher?


  12. Great tips, I really like General Finishes products for my finishes and some time use Minwax products.

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