T&C Surf Designs: Wood & Water Rage (NES) Playthrough – NintendoComplete

T&C Surf Designs: Wood & Water Rage (NES) Playthrough - NintendoComplete
A playthrough of LJN’s 1988 NES game, Town & Country Surf Designs: Wood & Water Rage.

This video shows me reaching Round 14 before getting a game over. You see every variation of the stages within the first 12 rounds and there is no ending. The stages from that point begin to repeat without any further changes. I’m playing as the Tiki Man/Kool Kat team.

In one of the more odd instances of branded licensing on the NES, Wood & Water Rage is a game based on the characters that appeared on t-shirts sold by Town & Country Surf Designs (a Hawaiian surfboard and clothing manufacturer/retail operation). I remember the characters being pretty popular when I was a kid, and thought it was cool that they were in a video game.

It also had a sequel – the much less known and far rarer late-gen NES title T&C 2: Thrilla’s Surfari. I prefer Wood & Water Rage by a mile, though.

Wood & Water Rage (made, coincidentally enough, by the same people that did The Karate Kid for LJN) is a pretty polarizing game. There are many, like me, who absolutely love the game for the awesome skateboarding levels and the killer music. Others utterly loathe it because of the infuriatingly obtuse and frustrating surfing levels. Thankfully, the developers seemed to see that one coming, so you are given the option of playing either game-type only, or you can alternate types between stages in the titular Wood & Water Rage mode.

Sorry for the not-very-good playing of the surf stages. They always owned me hard, and while I get them well enough to be able to play them to some degree, I never really mastered them. I have to wonder if it is actually possible to master them.
No cheats were used during the recording of this video.

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T&C Surf Designs: Wood & Water Rage (NES) Playthrough – NintendoComplete

18 replies on “T&C Surf Designs: Wood & Water Rage (NES) Playthrough – NintendoComplete”

  1. They never made a really good side scrolling skateboarding game. I wish they would have in the 16-bit or 32-bit era.

  2. Idk about the surfing. What's fun about sinking to the bottom of the screen and dying?

  3. For some reason I can remember being able to grind or ride the guard rails… Is that just a fake memory I came up with?

  4. I can feel the RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGE of the surfing section!!! lol.

    I am 44 mutruckin' years old. I felt anger coming back, fingers in <PAIN> from surfing. One day….it clicked….I got it.

  5. 30 years later and I remember the skateboard section like it was yesterday. I knew exactly where to go up/down, Ollie or hippie jump. Brought back memories, thanks for posting.
    I hated the surfing.

  6. I remember this game. Apparently, when my brother and I were kids, we didn't even care about winning, because we loved this game even though we sucked at it…

  7. Yea i had this game as a kid. I remember this and California games had me hooked.

  8. does a more repetitive nes game exist haha.. i played that once i think thats what got me to check it out.. it was a bit boring

  9. I didn't think you could succeed in this game when I was a kid. I thought the controls were broken lol

  10. I never did get the hang of the surfing, in part because it doesn't look like you're actually making any progress when you're doing it. So I just stuck to the skateboarding for the most part. Whenever the timer would stop I always called it "Time Round", after the two words that are flashing when this happens, even though I knew it made no sense.

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