Chainsaw carving a raccoon ( TUTORIAL)

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Castlevania SotN – Wood Carving Partita – Piano Tutorial (100%)

A Piano tutorial for Wood Carving Partita from Konami’s 1997 Classic – Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. **I DID NOT CREATE THIS MIDI** Download the Sheet Music and MIDI below! — Sheet Music / MIDI: — (Kristoval Krissagrim) — Software Used: Synthesia Game: — (Please note, this was transcribed for a Harpsichord)) Transcribed […]

Reversible Glue Joint Router Bits – Use and Setup Wood Router Tutorial

On this router table tutorial, we look at using a Reversible Glue Joint Wood Router Bit can help to align joints while also providing a larger glue surface in which to glue 2 materials together which would normally be Plywood, MDF or other man-made woodworking products. ################# Finger Joint Router Bits: Getting MORE from […]

Wood Carving Tutorial #1 First tools and chip carving

The first in what will hopefully be a series of tutorials that go over the basics of wood carving and the tools needed. My Etsy store… All Good In The Wood by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Artist: Wood Carving Tutorial #1 First tools and chip carving

Wood burning – Texture and Design Tutorial

Come join me as we work on this Super Fish Wood burning project that focuses on adding texture to your design. You can follow along each step of the way by printing the design below: Each week we learn more about the art of Wood burning and Pyrography. Whether you are a beginner […]