Beginners Woodworking Bench – A Basic Tool Project

Chad Stanton builds a bench for the beginner woodworker using just basic carpentry tools. This bench is big, solid, easy to build and very affordable. Sign Up For The FREE Newsletter HERE: click here! Visit Us at Like Us on Facebook: Follow Us on Twitter: Instagram- Beginners Woodworking Bench – […]

Building a Sideboard part 19: Continuous Grain Drawer Fronts | Hand Tool Woodworking

This is a step I’ve had envisioned in my mind for ages, and no matter how much I describe to people, they don’t seem to imagine it as well as I can… until now! The continuous grain drawer fronts are going in, now that the case is glued and finalized. So, each front will be […]

Overview Mini Lathe Drill DIY Woodworking Power Tool You MUST Have | FW Channel 2018

Mini Lathe Drill DIY Woodworking Power Tool: I am sharing my first shopping from Banggood, hope you like it. Description: DC12V/3A/36W Mini Lathe Milling Machine Bench Drill Woodworking Power Tool Item Specifics: Material: PP Size: 340*210mm Technical Parameters: 1. Motor speed: 20,000 revolutions / minute. 2. Input voltage/current/power: DC12V/3A/36W. 3. The largest diameter of […]

Rotary Tool Wood Carving Part 4

Now we’re getting int the real wood carving with the rotary tool. This thing is taking shape and I’m nearing the end! ———————————————————————————————————- Flex Shaft Attachment – Rotary Tool Carving and Engraving Kit- Dremel 4000-2/30 120-Volt Variable Speed Rotary Tool Kit ————————————————————— Please visit the OFFICIAL Website of Donald Vlogsifys!! Donald […]

Building a Sideboard part 17: Mortising the Hinges | Hand Tool Woodworking

This video represents a major landmark: after mortising the hinges into the door stiles, we can glue the case up! Mortising hinges is about being deliberate and careful about your work, and setting up a repeatable workflow. You’ll see that I set squares and gauges to use them over and again to get very accurate […]

Cutart wood Burning pyrography Tool Caligrpahy Pen, ultra Fine and Easiest

The Cutart Pyrography Wood Burning pen provides Speed and Comfort and Precision to the artist that they enjoy over their regular pens. The tip heats up instantly and also cools down instantly. The temperature of the tip can be regulated (100-400^Celcius) depending on the material or type of wood you are working on. The 2 […]

Building a Sideboard part 16: Installing the Bottom Panel | Hand Tool Woodworking

In this video, I’m getting close to finishing the casework, which means I’m close to pre-finishing and then glue! Here, I’m installing the bottom panel. In the past, I’ve said I would do a frame and panel bottom, but I went out and got some more walnut wide boards, and glued up two to make […]

Building a Sideboard part 15: Making the Back Panels | Hand Tool Woodworking

In this quick video, I show how I bevel the back panels for the sideboard. One thing I don’t mention is that, since only one side will be seen (the inside) and the other will be against a wall, I only really make one side look nice. I had to get creative to source enough […]