Stop Wasting Time in the Shop – Start Making Money Woodworking

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How to Make a Spring Loaded Drawer Stop // Woodworking How To

Last week I posted a video where I built a desk, but it had a major design flaw. The draws could easily be pushed passed where they were supposed to go and they could easily be pulled out. So this week, I fixed it! I made this quick and simple solution to keep that drawer […]

How I Make Stop Motion Videos And Reclaimed Wood Art

Here’s a very informal explanation of how I do some of the stop motion work I do. Sometimes I get tired of shooting the 2-camera heavy edit and just wanted to try an on-the-fly run-&-gun how-to video. If you like the format let me know. If you hate it, keep that to yourself I’m super […]

STOP wasting money on chisels! Most woodworkers only need ONE!

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Making a Cross Cut Sled // Miter Jig // Stop Block // T-Track // Woodworking

Links Below. Thanks for Watching! More info on this build – _____ TOOLS USED T-Track – Hold Down Clamps – Double T-Track – T-Track Tape Measure – (This one is Left-Right reading, I actually got one that reads Right-Left) Calipers – Feeler Gauge – HDPE Plastic for Runners […]

Stop Slippery Wood Glue Ups: 5 Quick Gluing Hacks – Woodworking Tips and Tricks

Here are 5 life hacks to prevent slippery adhesives on boards from getting out of hand on you when you are gluing them together such as when making table legs or other thicker wood structural components. ****************** 5 Quick Glue Hacks: Salt and Grit on Glue Joints: 5 Quick Woodworking tips and tricks: […]