Building a Sideboard part 20: Making the Doors | Hand Tool Woodworking

Well, we’ve got the drawer fronts fit, so now we are going to make the doors! These will have glass (plexiglass) in them, so that complicates things. If it were frame-and-panel, this would be easy! But since I want to be able to replace the glass one day, especially if it breaks, I cannot enclose […]

Building a Sideboard part 19: Continuous Grain Drawer Fronts | Hand Tool Woodworking

This is a step I’ve had envisioned in my mind for ages, and no matter how much I describe to people, they don’t seem to imagine it as well as I can… until now! The continuous grain drawer fronts are going in, now that the case is glued and finalized. So, each front will be […]

Building a Sideboard part 17: Mortising the Hinges | Hand Tool Woodworking

This video represents a major landmark: after mortising the hinges into the door stiles, we can glue the case up! Mortising hinges is about being deliberate and careful about your work, and setting up a repeatable workflow. You’ll see that I set squares and gauges to use them over and again to get very accurate […]

Building a Sideboard part 16: Installing the Bottom Panel | Hand Tool Woodworking

In this video, I’m getting close to finishing the casework, which means I’m close to pre-finishing and then glue! Here, I’m installing the bottom panel. In the past, I’ve said I would do a frame and panel bottom, but I went out and got some more walnut wide boards, and glued up two to make […]

Building a Sideboard part 15: Making the Back Panels | Hand Tool Woodworking

In this quick video, I show how I bevel the back panels for the sideboard. One thing I don’t mention is that, since only one side will be seen (the inside) and the other will be against a wall, I only really make one side look nice. I had to get creative to source enough […]

Building a Sideboard part 10: Dovetailing the Top Rail | Hand Tool Woodworking

I’m making great progress on the sideboard project! I’ve got the side rails in, the panels resawn (did you see my live videos of me resawing 8-inch wide walnut by hand?), and now I’m finishing the top rail on the front that will be dovetailed in. It’s actually quite simple because of how large it […]

Building a Sideboard part 9: Installing the Back Rails | Hand-Tool woodworking

Welcome back! The previous “episodes” were 2 live videos (the first one cut out, frustratingly) in which I resawed an 8″-wide, 30 1/4″ long piece of black walnut by hand… Did I mention I did it live? So there is proof! Now in part 9, I am installing the last of the main structural rails. […]

Building a Sideboard Part 6: Shaping the Legs | Hand Tool Woodworking

Here I’m finally getting around to shaping the legs, which involves taking them to (near) final dimensions, cutting the tapers at the foot of each one, and then creating a groove for the frame and panel construction sides. Since I’m using a plow plane (the Stanley 45 combination plane), and I want to have a […]

Designing and Building a Sideboard – Woodworking Projects

▸ Support the Show on Patreon – How to build a sideboard / credenza. This modern, minimalist piece is made from walnut and maple wood. We use it to set all of our stuff on where you walk in the house. The video focuses woodworking design and build topics such as half-lap joinery, miters, […]