Building a Sideboard part 15: Making the Back Panels | Hand Tool Woodworking

In this quick video, I show how I bevel the back panels for the sideboard. One thing I don’t mention is that, since only one side will be seen (the inside) and the other will be against a wall, I only really make one side look nice. I had to get creative to source enough […]

Acrylic Pour Through a Colander – Acrylic Pouring Art on Wood Panels

At Jerry’s we were asked to do an acrylic pour through a colander, so we did 3 of them! We have some great art materials and supplies that are perfect for you to achieve great effects, colors and real vibrant pours for your acrylic pouring art. We used the LUKAS Cryl Fluid Acrylics, and Da […]

Wood carving: How to carve a celtic knotwork panels

In this video I show you how to carve a Celtic knot work panel by hand using basic tools like a Stanley knife and chisel. It is a simple technique to master, which can create really good result when re-leaf carving Wood carving: How to carve a celtic knotwork panels


John Calver takes us into his studio to discuss his lightweight, high quality Wood Artist Panels. Designed to prevent warping with climate change, John Calver chooses kin dried Douglas Fir wood for stability for each custom frame. Panel faces are made from Ecuadorian Plywood, which retains a light weight while ensuring the perfect grain for […]

Step Panels for Wood Finishing – H. Behlen

Step panels are used in wood finishing to ensure that the woodworker achieves exactly the quality, color, and sheen desired, and step panels make repeating the same finish on multiple pieces a practical reality. Learn how to use step panels in this video. Step Panels for Wood Finishing – H. Behlen

Wall Panels in Vancouver | Wood Carving in Vancouver | Kitchen Cabinets in Vancouver

Vancouver Wood Carving Inc. Email: Phone: 604-321-8612 We at Vancouver Wood Carving Inc. specializes in designing and manufacturing indoor/outdoor 3D Wall Panels, hollow screens, screen dividers and wood appliqu├ęs for homes and businesses.We have extensive experience working with homeowners and builders and provide custom design and design consulting services and quality installations of […]

Now Available … Wood Art Panels! Get creative with ArtResin’s brand new Wood Art Panels! Made in Canada from birch and basswood, our new wooden Art Panels have a beautifully deep pouring surface to hold in your resin artwork. The unique 1/4″ deep ridge was designed specifically to contain resin, keeping the edges clean ( without overflowing or wastage ) […]