Woodturning an olive wood winged hollow form ! Δημιουργία στον ξυλότορνο από ξύλο ελιάς

I make this really big winged bowl from olive wood was really hard to make and I have a lot of problems but in the end i am surprised with the finished bowl ! I hope you find it interesting and i hope inspire you to never give up ! Until the next time take […]

Woodturning Olive Vase – What to Teach a Novice?

http://www.AsWoodTurns.com For this project, I’m preparing for a fiend’s daughter to come have a first experience with woodturning. This is a small 5″ vase from semi-dry olive wood finished with beeswax and mineral oil. A small glass insert protects the wood from moisture (somewhat). What projects do you think are good for a teenage beginner? […]

Woodturning Dogwood Olive Ash Hanging Box

I’ve decided to take on a challenge and try to make a hanging box. The idea came from the work of Byron Young (see link below). I used Dogwood for the base, Olive Ash for the box, Mahogany for the lid, and African black wood for the finial. Byron Young: http://tamarackfoundation.org/directory-listing/byron-young/ Finish was supplied by […]

Woodturning an off-centered hollow form from olive wood !!!

This time i was a bit confused about what to make ! So i take a piece of olive wood and i start to make something ! A new idea comes to my mind and so come out a Eccentric Hollow Form !!! I hope you enjoy it !!! See you next Sunday !!! Woodturning […]

Woodturning an Oval hollow form from olive wood ! Ξυλότορνος – Δημιουργία με ξύλο ελιάς

Today i use olive wood , niagon and drift wood to make a woodturning synthesis ! I try use a classic form of woodturning in an artistic way ! I hope you find interesting my way of working and I hope to inspire you to make something similar ! I know that because of my […]

Woodturning A ‘Simple’ Olive Crotch Natural Edge Winged Vase

Making a winged vase from a multi limb crotch piece has been a dream, until now. Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/YuvalLahav Instructables: http://www.instructables.com/member/yuvallahav/ Pinterest: https://it.pinterest.com/yuvallahav/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/yuval.lahav.16 Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/aforeignitalian/ Songs in this video are: Josh Woodward – Cherry Josh Woodward – Honcho Graham From Birmingham Josh Woodward – River Went Dry All are available for free from http://www.freemusicarchive.org […]

Ξυλοτορνος – κατασκευη ποτηριου απο ξυλο ελιας / woodturning – olive wood natural edge goblet?

Αυτη την φορα φτιαχνουμε ενα ποτηρι διακοσμητικο στον ξυλοτορνο για να στολισουμε ενα ραφι στο σπιτι μας ελπιζω να σας αρεσε το βιντεο. Στα τελευταια λεπτα δινω αρκετες πληροφοριες που θα μας φανουν χρησιμες σε πολα project !! μαζι θα τα ξαναπουμε την επομενη κυριακη εως τοτε καλα να περνατε !! μπορειτε να με βρειτε […]