Lichtenberg Wood Burning – Custom Guitar Inlay – Glow in the Dark Project

Bass Guitar Wood burning with Electricity Lichtenberg figures! Epoxy resin inlay with glow in the dark finish. A cool diy project and Ive now got a custom guitar to learn to play on. With thanks to you good people for your great video and project suggestions 🙂 Better pictures here On Imgur My […]

Lichtenberg Wood Burning Demo (Fractal Wood Art) Raven Eye Forge

Demo of new LICHTENBERG FIGURE WOOD BURNER from Conestoga Works, Fractle wood burning on Port Orford Cedar in the art studios at Lane Community College. I have been working hard in the Studio on blacksmithing, welding, and woodworking on live edge native species to Oregon. I just received my new figure wood burner and in […]

Lichtenberg Wood Burning Block

Lichtenberg Wood Block I burned Lichtenberg Figures in a block of Bradford pear with my Microwave oven Lichtenberg wood burning machine and also used my Variac for the burn. Some Of the Products I use in the Video: Variac: Wood Bleach Spray Lacquer: Website Facebook at Instagram at Twitter […]

High Voltage Pyrography – Lichtenberg figure wood burning

Using high voltage electricity to burn fractal Lichtenberg figures into plywood. This video contains my initial experiments and first furniture concept for this exciting ongoing project. For more projects and information visit my website: Instagram: Pinterest: Thank you to the YouTubers that inspired this project: TheBackyardScientist – Grant Thompson – […]

Lichtenberg Wood Burning Machine

Don’t try this at home, because this can kill you !!! Microwawe Transformer have 2000 volts on secondary coil !!! Follow me on Instagram: For better video quality please donate on my PayPal: If you liked it, please support me with LIKE, SHARE and SUBSCRIBE Lichtenberg Wood Burning Machine

2000 BİN VOLT İLE SANAT? | DIY Lichtenberg Wood Burning

Bu videoda Lichtenberg Figure ahşap yakma makinası yaptık !!!DİKKAT BU İŞLEMİ BİLGİNİZ YOKSA SAKIN DENEMEYİNİZ ÖLÜM RİSKİ OLABİLİR: Ürün linkleri: Kalemler : Motor sürücü: Cımbızlar : Bıçak : Elmas : Poweranahtar: Maket bıçağı: Lehim teli : Renkliledler: Karga burun : Solder Iron : Beyaz ledler: powerbank : SaatMakinası: Duman emici : […]

Lichtenberg Wood Burning Black Walnut Slab

I burned Lichtenberg figures on a Black Walnut Slab.. I used my Microwave Oven Lichtenberg burning machine and a Variac to make the burns. I wanted aggressive large fractal burns in this board and was very happy with the way it turned out. I sealed the wood and finished it using a wipe on Poly. […]