Building a Sideboard part 9: Installing the Back Rails | Hand-Tool woodworking

Welcome back! The previous “episodes” were 2 live videos (the first one cut out, frustratingly) in which I resawed an 8″-wide, 30 1/4″ long piece of black walnut by hand… Did I mention I did it live? So there is proof! Now in part 9, I am installing the last of the main structural rails. […]

Useful Hacks for Wood Plane Shavings | Hand-Tool Woodworking Tips

In this video, I show you some useful hacks for wood plane shavings. Sorry about the re-upload: after a comment was left on the original video, I remembered I had forgotten to include 2 more hacks that I had already filmed! Thanks for the reminder! Here’s the channel of the commenter, Tome4kkkk: For the […]

Quick Woodcut Printing Experiment | Hand-Tool Woodworking

I’m testing out the Harbor Freight carving chisel set (sells for about ) by doing some wood cut prints. As you know, I’m a teacher, and a genre of literature that fascinates me is called “cordel” poetry from Brazil. On it, these poetry pamphlets have woodcut designs for the front cover, and now that art […]