On this episode of Ben’s Worx i find a piece of scrap firewood and turn it into a family heirloom, The curly grain on this redgum wood is beautiful and using my electric planer to plane down the surfaces ready for milling worked out great. I finished the fingerjoint box using scandinavian danish oil by […]

Milling Wood 1 – Poplar Firewood to use in later woodworking projects

Please comment below if you would like to see more milling of small pieces like these. ↓↓↓ Details in the description below↓↓↓ Subscribe ↓↓↓ Like ↓↓↓Share↓↓↓ While I am sorting Firewood, I often find interesting pieces of Wood that I put to one side and then dimension for later use. Here I am Milling a […]

Woodturning Rescued Montana Firewood – Ponderosa Pine

Rescuing firewood! Wood turning a beautiful natural edge bowl with a branch sticking out the edge. This is a nice one, and I usually don’t care for pine on the lathe, but this Ponderosa Pine is really special. It was cut from a withered tree up in the Little Belt Mountains, Montana. In addition, I […]