Everyday Carry Woodworking Storage Box Build

In this video I build a catch all box for my everyday carry. I use simple woodworking, and create a hidden compartment in the bottom with a custom insert for my M&P Shield and I DO NOT use a CNC JohnMalecki.com/EDC Patreon.com/John_Malecki Music By Epidemic Sound Vintage Rock Groove 10 – Victor Olsson Vintage Rock […]

Amex EveryDay: Scrap wood art | Mere Mini

#HowToTuesday with American Express. All woodworkers face the question: “What can I do with my scrap lumber?” We feel guilty throwing away perfectly good wood and end up hoarding the tiniest cut-offs. Why not make the wood itself into an art piece? Read more about this project here: http://woodworking.formeremortals.net/2014/12/02/scrap-wood-art-project/ Learn more about the American Express […]