Workshop Life Hacks Episode 10: Woodworking Tips and Tricks

This episode is a variety of tips and tricks in the workshop on everything from machine wheels to quick marking gauge that everyone could use and a section on hole saws and of course magnets, more uses for magnets … Perfect woodworking how to for your woodshop. ****************** Workshop Hacks Part 9: Workshop Hacks […]

FINISHING My AWESOME Wood House! | ARK Survival Evolved: The Island | Episode 3

ARK Survival Evolved – Actually spending time making your ARK house look good is satisfying! ▶ SUBSCRIBE For More! – ▶ Enjoyed the video? A rating would be super appreciated! Thanks! Welcome back to ARK Survival Evolved. The Island is the first map within ARK Survival Evolved and I decided that now I have […]

Wood Finishing Basics – Luthier Tips du Jour Episode 107

Tips to determine the type of finish on a guitar. Luthiers Mercantile International offers the largest selection of tonewoods, professional tools and parts for the custom guitar builder. Visit us at FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM #lmi #luthiersmercantile #tipsdujour Wood Finishing Basics – Luthier Tips du Jour Episode 107

Workshop Life Hacks Episode 9: Woodworking Tips and Tricks

In this woodworking how to’s, I am working with the drill press in making an epoxy glue stand and showing some new tip and tricks when using hole saws, like drilling holes quicker, enlarging them and even digging broken off screws and nails from embedded wood. These tips are great techniques in woodworking for beginners! […]

Bowl Surgery, Episode 4 – Wood, Art, Woodworking

I salvaged two more wood bowl blanks and turned them into finished pieces on the lathe. One thing I forgot to mention in the video is that it would seem like a shame to just throw out the oil finish I used. Even though I do not necessarily like it, I just want to use […]

Bad Ideas in Woodworking Episode 2 / Workshop Fails

There are many bad ideas in woodworking that when you take a good look at them, are really not and some can even be dangerous especially when working around power tools like circular saws and woodworking machinery like table saws but safety must always come first. In this video, I show you 4 common woodworking […]

Log Home Build Episode #12 – Wood Burning Fireplace

We are building a countrymark log home to be our dream house. We just had our wood burning fireplace installed. We purchased a Quadrafire Pioneer II fireplace. Later the fireplace will be covered with veneer stone to the ceiling. Log Home Build Episode #12 – Wood Burning Fireplace