81 – Table Saw Blade Alignment and Tune Up – Make PERFECT tablesaw cuts!

Table Saw Blade Alignment and Tune-Up At least annually I do a complete table saw tune up and blade alignment. If it’s been a busy year, I might do it every 3 to 6 months. This video covers my procedure exactly. And very likely it’s the exact same steps you would take for your table […]

Straight Cuts With A Circular Saw – Straight Line Jig | Woodworking Quick Tips

More Projects: https://craftedworkshop.com If you’re trying to make perfect, straight cuts with a circular saw and are struggling, you definitely need to build one of these straight line jigs. They take less than an hour to put together and will make your circular saw cuts more precise instantly. The zero clearance edge also helps to […]

Oops! Don’t start over: fixing plywood dado cuts

POWERED UP sneak peek! ►► https://powereduplaunch.com My newest Weekend Woodworker course, Powered Up, launches Sept. 5! Get on the early access list to get free plans for the Benchtop Router Table, a video sneak peek of the project, a list of tools you’ll need, early access to the course and a special bonus once it […]