DuB-EnG: Off Grid Hot Tent HomeMade WoodBurning Stove Canvas Camping Cold UK rocket fire inside ice

I made a stove out of an old Gass Bottle and we use it with a canvas frame tent so we can enjoy some off-grid camping in the UK. Here is the setup and how we make it all work… Please dont forget to check out our other videos, join Dubious Engineering on FaceBook, Twitter […]

Part 2: Fitting a Wood Burning Stove to a Canvas Bell Tent

In Part 1 we made the leather reinforcement ring. Now in Part 2 we are going to stitch this ring to the canvas, cut and create a hole for the stove flue to pass through. Hope you enjoy the video and thanks for watching. MCQBushcraft: If your interested in Bushcraft & Survival skills, fishing, hunting, […]

Part 1: Fitting a Wood Burning Stove to a Canvas Bell Tent

I filmed this video in between Christmas and New year. A good friend of mine bought himself a Bell Tent and Wood Burning Stove and asked me if I could cut and stitch a Flange fitting point to it. It was a fairly simple task but one that required a bit of care as these […]