Lichtenberg Wood Burning Broken Board Hanging

I had a piece of Black Walnut that was really nice but it had two cracks through it. I planed the board flat and then broke the board along the cracks. I then cleaned the edges up with a band saw. I burned Lichtenberg figures in all three pieces with my Microwave oven Lichtenberg Wood […]

Broken Dreams Skateboard Art Hand Lettering Wood Cut Out Full Build Skateboard Art Piece

Skateboard Art themes are some of my favorites to do so I thought this would be a fun one to pump out using traditional sign painting and woodworking techniques. When I was younger I dreamed of being pro, but then tony hawk pro skater came out, and I realized nobody was impressed by my fakie […]

Wood Turning – Exploding rings thanks to wood worm – Project Broken Rainbows

At wood turning this week I began wanting to make a project with rings. Although thanks to wood worm it did not end like that. The rings exploded off the wood when I came to turn them, so I collected up the pieces and found I had four arches. Using a beautiful piece of wood […]