Surrey Timbers | Buying Hardwood Lumber #1

Surrey Timbers | Buying Hardwood Lumber #1
Let’s face it, visiting a timber merchant for the first time can be terrifying. How does it work? What do you do? Where do you go? So many questions have to be found out the hard way.

In this series, I am going to settle that confusion. I am going to be visiting various timber merchants around the UK in order to get a broad view as to how they all work, what to expect, and how to go about purchasing timber.

This will allow you to fully prepare yourself before visiting a timber merchant, and make informed decisions while you are there.

In this video, we are visiting Surrey Timbers who are located just below Guildford. This is my favourite timber merchant for spectacular one-off pieces and is the perfect starting point for someone who is intimidated by timber merchants. Brad was kind enough to give me a tout and show what they stock, what they offer, and what to do when you get there.

Surrey Timbers:

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My name is Matt Estlea, I’m a 22 year old Woodworker from Basingstoke in England and my aim is to make your woodworking less s***.

I come from 5 years tuition at Rycotewood Furniture Centre and 4 years experience working at Axminster Tools and Machinery where I still currently work on weekends. During the week, I film woodworking projects, tutorials, reviews and a viewer favourite ‘Tool Duel’ where I compare two cometitive manufacturers tools against one another to find out which is best.

I like to have a laugh and my videos are quite fast paced BUT you will learn a lot, I assure you.

Lets go make a mess.



Surrey Timbers | Buying Hardwood Lumber #1

13 thoughts on “Surrey Timbers | Buying Hardwood Lumber #1”

  1. What is your biggest concern/worry before visiting a timber merchant?
    Who is your favourite timber merchant in the UK?
    What else would you like to see from this series?

  2. Got married in Shalford and had our wedding reception in Loseley Park (14 years ago) – great vid as alway Matt!

  3. I love seeing this sort of stuff mate, the yanks love the Purple Heart which I saw there but timber is such a beautiful thing & thank you for showing this footage mate πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  4. First time I went to a proper hardwood timber yard I was totally in shock basically shaking from all the possibilities and seeing huge slabs of wood I could only dream of, had such a hard time selecting stuff because I wanted EVERYTHING! the pricing of wood was also a bit confusing the first time, which I assume you will get more into when visiting places more geared towards the professionals where not every board is nicely labled with a price like it was in that place.. Looked like a great timber yard and as you said great for the beginner with simple pricing and do on πŸ™‚

  5. Hiya Matt. If you are going to visit timber merchants you might want to talk to Tim at The hardwood offcut shop in Brentwood. He supplies lots of hobby woodworkers and turners, is very knowledgeable and helpful about what he sells. it is such a friendly place to buy your timber from whether its a blank for a bowl or a huge slab. you always feel comfortable asking questions and he always takes the time to answer them. In my experience this isn't always the case at other places iv'e visited.

  6. OMG, Matt… such an orgasmic variety of beautiful woods! I never knew such was available in the UK (I'm an ignorant sort) – I've been there a couple X-mas' ago… I *LOVE* your country (I'm from a part of the US called "New England", but my blood is Canadian – MΓ©tis). I'm a musical instrument maker, so my eyes bugged out even more in the upstairs part of this video – I've never drooled so much at a YouTube video before! LOL Such beautiful pieces… thanks so much for this video! ^_^

  7. Brilliant video Matt, just the sort of thing that is useful to newbies like me. I'm just getting into the subject as a hobbyist and having merchants that understand the hobby woodworker is great. I hate that patronising stance that some outlets give you when you aren't a professional chippy. Just wish they were nearer to me up in Yorkshire.

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