Spoonfest 2018 – Worlds Largest Spoon Carving Gathering

Spoonfest 2018 - Worlds Largest Spoon Carving Gathering
I attended Spoonfest 2018 which is the worlds largest spoon carving gathering, in beautiful Edale situated in the heart of the Peak District in the County of Derbyshire (UK)

It’s without doubt one of favourite events and one I attend almost every year

To find out more about the event – http://spoonfest.co.uk

As always I appreciate you watching

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Spoonfest 2018 – Worlds Largest Spoon Carving Gathering

12 thoughts on “Spoonfest 2018 – Worlds Largest Spoon Carving Gathering”

  1. Thanks for all the work in putting together this great video for us folks that are too far away to attend (USA). Your videos are always top shelf!!! You saved the most interesting for last .. the portable shave horse. Thanks again ZED.

  2. Does anyone know where I could find a diagram of Peters portable shaving horse, would like to make one

  3. Zee, that was brilliant. Thanks so much for filming that. It’s really got me hooked. Who knows, it might even get me down to England for next years event 😀

  4. Brilliant Zed, thanks for all your dedication putting this together been a knife and axe masterclass! x

  5. Another enjoyable video Zed. Great to see Master Burrell getting some air time too. You really should take a visit to that young mans workshop mate, he's making some wonderful tools. See you soon, Craig

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