Spoon Carving with Tips – Scrapwood Challenge Day Two

Spoon Carving with Tips - Scrapwood Challenge Day Two
Yesterday was a tough day but I got through it! Today I needed an easier day as I was going to a friends birthday get together in the afternoon (I gave him yesterdays stool as a present). Because I was short for time, carving a spoon seemed like the easiest project on my list. I tried to make it useful by making it into spoon carving guide. I wouldn’t say it was a tutorial but there should be enough tips there to get you inspired to have a go yourself if you’ve never tried it before!

Don’t forget to tune in again tomorrow!

As always I’m happy to answer any questions.

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Spoon Carving with Tips – Scrapwood Challenge Day Two

7 thoughts on “Spoon Carving with Tips – Scrapwood Challenge Day Two”

  1. I apologise for the late upload! I set it to upload overnight and fully expected it to be ready to publish when I got up this morning. It took just about 12 hours to upload! I can't wait for NBN (faster internet) it's coming soon!

  2. Nice project. Looks like a fun afternoon. If you haven’t already done one, I would love to see a build of that wooden hold fast. I need to build one of those first😀

  3. I want to live next door to you so that I can bother you constantly with questions! Thanks for all the useful tips! What a master!!

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