Snakewood Bowl

Snakewood Bowl
This Segmented bowl is made in a piece of snakewood that I have been holding onto for a long time, Ebony and black veneer. Its 5 inches wide and 1.5inches tall. Its finished with 5 coats of formbys tung oil and then buffed. This is my 104th bowl in my segmented series. It is available on my site

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Finish I use:
Curved Tool Rest:
Spindle Gouge I use:
Buffing Kit:
Lathe Tools-
Lathe Chuck-
Drum Sander-
Sand Paper:

Hand Saw:
Triton Super Jaws:
Triton Power Sander:
Dado Blade:
Bessy Clamps:
Grinder Wheels:



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Snakewood Bowl

14 thoughts on “Snakewood Bowl”

  1. Hi Kyle. Do you think a flatbed paper cutter with a small jig would help you cut the dyed birch quicker, or would it not be as precise or as clean a cut?
    Thank you for sharing your work (and techniques) with all of us.

  2. Really nice job… love the wood and the small bowl. You really do turn out some incredible projects.

  3. Beautiful work man. Enjoyed watching the livestream of it. You mentioned you make your own dyed veneers. What dye do you use for the black? I can never get mine as dark as I want it. Do you dye big sheets at a time?

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