Set Turning of Shawo Wooden Bowl

Set Turning of Shawo Wooden Bowl
Shawo Village is located in Hebei province of China, with about 270 households. Hundreds of years ago, almost every household of the village turned wooden bowls by foot-powered lathe. Besides bowls, they also made other wooden cooking utensils, tool-handles, small toys by other small hand-powered lathe. Today, only six elderly grandpas in the village can use the lathe. The younger generation, led by Li Xuemin who is in deep love and respect to the past, realized the important and responsibility of the inheritance and began to learn the technique from the elders.

With the support from various part of the society including the strong support from International Wood Culture Society and AAW, local inheritors are more encouraged and exert themselves to move forward. In the video, you can see the essence of the traditional set-turning technique of Shawo village. The demonstrator is 84-year-old Cheng Jinqing and his apprentice Li Xuemin.

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Set Turning of Shawo Wooden Bowl

16 thoughts on “Set Turning of Shawo Wooden Bowl”

  1. At such low speeds, the tools have to be razor sharp!
    Nice workmanship and it's interesting to see a foot powered lathe that isn't a springpole.

  2. When I see forum posts about getting started in lathe work, it's like 'Well, you need to lay down about 1000 USD and buy some good HSS gouges etc etc'. Then…this old gentleman. <3

  3. пикабу любят китайцев становясь раком и сосут их члены

  4. this video just makes me think: what have we lost?
    in light of humanity loosing this craft and many, many more crafts, i simply cannot view modernity simply as progress….

  5. Wow! It's hard to believe that 123,150 have viewed this video and only 550 have given it a thumbs up. This guy is amazing that he still does it the way he learned many years ago. Thanks for sharing.

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