8 thoughts on “Secret to the Toaks Titanium Wood Burning Stove – Small”

  1. I REALLY want to try this because I often fly to my backpacking destinations and you can’t fly with fuel. Also, I haven’t worked out a lot and a lighter back is ultra appealing!

  2. Nice review. Well done, sir!

    Question. Are you up for a challenge?

    While I love upside down fires, and most users of wood gas stoves INSIST these stoves MUST be ignited is this manner I find this to be questionable.

    Try placing the tender/fire starter in the bottom and load the fuel wood on top. THEN lift the stove and lite it from the bottom. The 'ash pan' (this is the lower chamber of the 'fire box') is filled with holes and is perfect got putting the heat source (FLAME generated from whichever method) next to the tender.

    Indeed the upside down fire method is all the rage these days. Even the manufactures of these types of wood burning stoves try to entice would be buyers to buy their product by “selling” them on the idea that one may overcome basic fire building skills simply by purchasing their stove.

    As I said, this is simply a challenge. I dare you to try this method. I submit that it is important to understand the concept of convection and how it relates to fire building.

    The gentleman in this video demonstrates the idea very nicely.

    Keep in mind the 'PLATFORM' is built into the stove you are using.


  3. Great tip on using the titanium stakes to brace this stove. I have not considered this stove due to some bad performance videos and the top heavy nature of the stove with something on it, but your stakes suggestion would work where you have something to anchor into. I saw another video where someone drilled a hole on either side and put a cross piece that makes the base wider once you inserted a rod through the bottom of the stove. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Judging the height of it I was worried about the stability of it. Then you showed how you covered that so I must of not been the only one worried about the stability. Since yours is the small I would be scared of the larger one. Picking up the fuel around camp makes the wood burners nice stoves. I like to think of them as personal ( small ) campfires that I can cook over or just enjoy. I have several different wood burners but they are a lot shorter then the Toaks.

  5. Thanks for posting. Just remember, that boiling water will take skin off hands, feet, and face. No lol

  6. Tale of two cities . . . I just watched another video where the fire kept going out on the poor guy. and he never did get his pot to boil.  Yours, however, did extremely well.  So I'm thinking its all in the technique of the operator.  Thanks for the video.

  7. Hi Dan, nice video. I just bought one of those stoves myself. Looking foreward to nest it in the toaks 750 ml cup!
    What knife are you using there? It looks awesome. Greets from Germany.

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