Scary Woodturning Catches, Crashes, and Busted Metal

Scary Woodturning Catches, Crashes, and Busted Metal
Scary Woodturning Catches, Crashes, and Busted Metal.
These are the highlights or lowlight bloopers of my first bowl turning. I have no idea what i’m doing on the lathe, and i managed to keep it that way. In the end, the bowl turned out okay. The wood was way too wet to begin with so it is already showing signs of checking…but that was to be expected. I didn’t want to wait a few years to try bowl turning just because the wood I had wasn’t dry. There are a few other cosmetic blemishes on the bowl that were a result of some of the catches. It’s amazing to think about the incredible forces involved with a heavy chunk of wood spinning quickly and steel tools catching with no way to dissipate the energy other than pure chaos. I am surprised I didn’t get hurt or worse.

Scary Woodturning Catches, Crashes, and Busted Metal

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  1. My good man…many …and I mean MANY profanities flew forth from my lips for quite a few bowls. All until I found a YouTuber named Brendan Stemp – he did a two part series called "No Catch Bowl Turning" or something like that. I watched the videos several times and finally (after also making a jig so I can perform a proper fingernail grind on my gouge as another commenter mentioned), I can say I've made a good number of turnings (some nice bowls too) with ZERO Catches. Now my most recent bowl, a small maple Ogee, I did get a minor catch because of the geometry I wasn't familiar with but the end product is pretty good. You can see it on my Instagram @jensdavidsen – perserverence like yours will get you through it! Keep up the great work!

  2. I have watched hundreds of wood turning videos and I am getting a lathe. I have built up a confidence that I won’t have much trouble. Your video has shown me the reality of beginning. Thanks for the wake-up call.

  3. MISSING ,,YEA, A FEW BRAIN CELLS, What to do,, first slow the lathe down ,then get some BOWL GOUGES ,[that first tool was a SPINDLE ROUGING GOUGE ] see a woodturning teacher , double your life insurance policy,, SUBSCRIBE ? no way man , I'm not encouraging you to cause yourself injury,, God help you,. Regards Alf

  4. This video makes me cringe, not because of the dumb mistakes you made, but because I made many of the same dumb mistakes when I was first learning woodturning.

  5. You need to slow down and study the whole process. You're tools were not sharp. That's the first thing you should learn. Ironically I started with the same lathe you did. Made the same mistake you did broke the same bowl test you did. You need someone to help you to teach you how to sharpen a scraper.

  6. Enjoyed the commentary lol! "now what do you do??" Im not going to lie I was terrified for you most of the way through it but heck that is how all of us learnt.

  7. Eu Gostei! A gente aprende muito assistindo onde os outros erraram. Parabéns e Obrigado!! Já peço a sua autorização para incluir um trecho do seu vídeo na compilação numero 3 que estou produzindo sobre acidentes em torno. Thank you!

  8. Man……you earned the hell out of that Bowl! ,the way it was going I was thinking you make it a yurn Instead of a bowl lol.It came out nice I’m tbe end though;-)

  9. I recently came across your video on Youtube, and though I might give you a little advice on woodturning. I have been turning for over twelve years, and before that, I built furniture.It became apparent, judging by your comment during the video, that you did not spend much time researching woodturning and more importantly, the use of the various tools associated with it. You are very lucky that you did not get hurt.First, your lathe isn't dead. You need to replace the start capacitor that is located under that "hump" on your motor.Never use tools that are dull, if you need to use muscle to get your tools to cut, they need to be sharpened.Never use a roughing out gouge on end grain, you could wind up with part of it sticking out of your head!Youtube has an abundant reserve of videos aimed at the beginning woodturner. I would suggest looking up a woodturner named Glenn Lucas, he is probably one of the best instructors I have seen, regarding tool usage and techniques. I would also recommend looking into joining the AAW, American Association of Woodturners, they have decades worth of information, by some of the best turners around, available at your fingertips, not to mention that by joining you will begin to receive one of the best woodturning magazines published.Good luck, keep turning!We were all beginners at one point, and doing research will make it so much more enjoyable.

  10. What kind of Lathe is that? Don't remember seeing one like. We all get catches even with experience, you had to guts to show us. I recommend that you study up on what tool to use for what. Perhaps carbides would be a lot of help to you. They are not a prone to catches. If you have any questions at all feel free to e-mail me. We all start at the bottom. Take care and keep on trucking, Larry
    PS, stopping for a while and come back later always helped me.

  11. a nice hint my teacher gave me, when youre taking off only dust not shavings, probably, youre doing something wrong

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