Review – Weller Wood Burning and Hobbyist Kit

Review - Weller Wood Burning and Hobbyist Kit
A review of the weller wood burning and hobbyist kit, I’ve been using this machine since I first started doing pyrography and feel I have a good grasp of it by now. This review gives you my opinion of the machine and what it’s suitable for.

If you wanna see the unboxing you can check it out here:

And to see the projects made using this machine check out my pyrography project list:

Review – Weller Wood Burning and Hobbyist Kit

7 thoughts on “Review – Weller Wood Burning and Hobbyist Kit”

  1. Thank you for this review I have been thinking of getting into pyrography with no previous experience. From your review it seems like it's perfect as an introduction into pyrography and this is the only kit available where I live, so thanks!

  2. Hey! I have this project and wanted to use the knife part, and the thing it goes in, was accidentally tightened without the knife in it. How can I undo this?

  3. Wandering is the hot knife suitable for cutting fabrics like satin for making hairbands?

  4. My son bought me the Weller wood burning tool WSB25WB for a present. It was delivered by courier post. There was no instruction manual or project leaflet included. There is a tip in the tool and I don,t know how to remove it or how to put in a new tip, Can you please help me ? I will appreciate it so very much
    Thank you
    Anneke Vercueil

  5. hi I've got this kit and its great, but when I used it the. other day a tip was stuck fast I had to use pliers to get it off but it stripped the thread from the bit and the tool, anyone know of any how to fix it vids or any advice?

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