Resin & Wood – Wall Art – How it’s Made

Resin & Wood - Wall Art - How it's Made
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Resin & Wood – Wall Art – How it’s Made

5 thoughts on “Resin & Wood – Wall Art – How it’s Made”

  1. Nice video and project – a couple of questions. I've used envirotex resin for this type of project. What are you using and what is the powdered dye? How easy is it to remove the tyvex liner when you are done? And lastly, would the project have looked the same or close had you used mostly clear resin and just on layer with colors? Were the colors transparent enough that the black on the bottom made a difference? Thanks for sharing.

  2. That is a lovely piece of art, Josh. So nice to see that your "BOSS" wants to be involved with you in your shop! Really enjoyed the video. What was the product that you were putting on at the end?
    Take care,

  3. Nice making brother !!! He he he your daughter are great judge !!! How much material do you use for this project ;; about one litre ;;

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