Resin Geode Table (like a River Table but…not!)

Resin Geode Table (like a River Table but...not!)
We wanted to do our own twist on the river table and create a resin Geode Table! Thanks Arbortech for sponsoring this video, check out the products we used below! 👇

■ Arbortech Mini Grinder:
■ Arbortech TURBO Plane:
■ Arbortech Contour Sander:
■ Total Boat epoxy kit w/ pumps (slow)
■ Total Boat varnish
■ ISOtunes, our fave hearing protection:

Resin Tips
Resin Geodes
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Helmwood Urban Lumber
Ripple Bench

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■ Powdered pigments
■ Alcohol inks
■ Big crystals
■ Small crystals
■ Metal table legs
■ Spray paint for legs
■ White fine glitter
■ Cordless sanders
■ Plastic drop cloths
■ Tiny cups for mixing
■ Big stirring sticks
■ Small stirring sticks
■ Propane torch +
■ 48” level
■ Hot glue gun

FILMING GEAR (affiliate)
■ Fujifilm X-T10 (main camera)
■ 35mm F 1.4 lens (makes things look fancy)
■ Sony Cybershot DSC-RX100 V (slow-mo camera)
■ Main tripod
■ Pan head for tripod
■ Lighting kit
■ Wireless lav mics

Just Roll With It by DJ Quads
Sunshine Rag licensed via Audioblocks
Downtown Funk by DJ Quads
Feet Hands and Sticks licensed via Audioblocks
Choice by David Cutter Music
Ventilate by David Cutter Music
Waves by Joakim Karud
Flight of the Bumblebee licensed via Audioblocks
By the Beautiful Blue Danube licensed via Audioblocks
10k by Joakim Karud
Such a Swinging Good Time licensed via Audioblocks
Speakeasy licensed via Audioblocks
Fun Time by DJ Quads
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Resin Geode Table (like a River Table but…not!)

10 thoughts on “Resin Geode Table (like a River Table but…not!)”

  1. Woooow, I didn't know I would find this cool at all but man, it really looks gorgeous! Only think I would change would be to scuff slightly the shine on the wooden parts at the top and bark edges. The resin geode looks amazing with all those crystals. Totally worth the two hours on filling the middle part!

  2. That is gorgeous.

    Try holding your stir stick across the face of the cup when you poor, if you are doing small precise things, the resin should follow it to the end of the stick.

  3. You guys do wonderful work. You need to check out Rezin Arte Pigments by Colour Arte, they mix instantly which means more working time with your choosen epoxy resin 🙂 Also check out Stone Coat Art Resin which provides twice the amount of working time, cures amazing!!!
    Please do more projects with resin !!! Awesome job!

  4. I'm not complaining but these projects never really say geode to me because of all the colors. But more like a nebula, but it still looks good

  5. Love the moving eyes in the epoxy application. I LOL'd the whole time and Evan's nervous laugh about not mixing enough. You guys are so much fun to watch and what a fantastic piece!

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