Rare Woodworking TIPS – Baby Cot DAILY Woodworking Vlog 4

Rare Woodworking TIPS - Baby Cot DAILY Woodworking Vlog 4
I give away a few secrets of my wood machining trade to aid in a cleaner result directly from the machine. A little bit of milling, some router table work, layout, and finally, the first of many glue ups.

Thanks for watching.

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Rare Woodworking TIPS – Baby Cot DAILY Woodworking Vlog 4

8 replies on “Rare Woodworking TIPS – Baby Cot DAILY Woodworking Vlog 4”

  1. As I've been invited to comment, here goes….
    1) The explanation about the location of the fence on the router was really good. The info about grain direction was good too, but I'm not sure everyone will get that (maybe until they experience it!)
    2) It is scary seeing the heel of your hand so close to the cutter head on the planer – In the comments you have already said you are responsible for your safety and also you do use push blocks on the planer and that your teachers (18 years ago) said you were responsible for your safety. The more recent O, S & H in the workshop is more about developing good habits, so in the event you have a momentary lapse of concentration your hands/body are still well away from the sharp and dangerous bits.
    3) Use of gloves. We were taught the use of gloves significantly reduces your ability to feel (tension or odd movement etc) and therefore gloves increase your risk when using tools.
    4) It is good getting the Aussie humour coming across.
    Thanks for the videos. Cheers, David.

  2. Good stuff kuff!;) coming along nicely! GOOD fyi about the round over I usually cut the board a few inches longer to compensate the tear if I get any but that adds up fast especially with pricey woods gonna use that tip next time I have that issue! Cya on the NExt one🍻

  3. Nice mate but you don’t use push blocks & I know you’re cutting non through cuts but I got scared for you brother, didn’t Jord remove some finger on das Jointer ouch, love your project 🤘🤘🤘

  4. Great tips mate, The cot will become a family heirloom which can be passed down through your family for years.

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