Quick Workshop Hacks Part 5: Woodworking Tips and Tricks

Quick Workshop Hacks Part 5: Woodworking Tips and Tricks
Repurposing and rejigging are what make woodworking more fun, like making broken spring clamps work as speed hose clamps, keeping woodworking simple with inexpensive containers, using screw clamps in new and innovative ways and taking simple ideas of c-clamps and bar clamps and making them more efficient. Even a quick DIY way to use a cordless drill to may c-clamps faster.

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Quick Workshop Hacks Part 5: Woodworking Tips and Tricks

14 thoughts on “Quick Workshop Hacks Part 5: Woodworking Tips and Tricks”

  1. Colin, you remind me of myself! I swear I never throw anything away because you never know when you might be able to use some of the parts for something. You have to think on your feet at times. Why buy new if you can make something with things you already have. Thanks so much for all the ideas and tips you show us. I love all of your videos and Im Always happy to see when a notification comes up that you have a new video.

  2. I love your hack series. I always get at least one (usually more) idea that I use on a regular basis. I wish I had opened this earlier in the day before I was struggling to clamp at the middle joint of two boards. And the one for holding a board upright is great. I've had a few wooden clamps hanging on the wall for a long time, more to look like a real woodworker than anything. Now I can use them a lot more. Thanks a million!

  3. Thanks. I am making a cover for my table saw fence. It will be about 6 inches tall and allow me to use it as a sacrificial fence. To hold the face flat to the fence while gluing, I figured I would need to build a special clamp. Instead your idea about extentions on the hand screw clamps will do exactly what I need.

  4. Hi Colin, Thank you so much for sharing all this knowledge! I have learned so much! Keep up the great work!

  5. Another excellent video my friend always like heaps when I get a notification saying a new video from U exo job Col.

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