Quick And Easy Stain For Pine That Gives Great Results – Finishing 002

Quick And Easy Stain For Pine That Gives Great Results - Finishing 002
Pine doesn’t always have to be the ugly secondary wood used in woodworking projects. With the right finish, it looks awesome! I like the old school honey pine look, and in this video, I show you my recipe for that finish and how to apply it.

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Supplies used:
General Finishes Golden Pine Gel Stain http://amzn.to/1mfLkeX

Chip Brush http://amzn.to/1NRScpk (Cheaper to buy these in bulk)

General Finishes Arm-R-Seal Semi Gloss Varnish http://amzn.to/1o9ePka

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Quick And Easy Stain For Pine That Gives Great Results – Finishing 002

19 thoughts on “Quick And Easy Stain For Pine That Gives Great Results – Finishing 002”

  1. I'm looking for the Golden Pine Gel Stain but cannot find it anywhere. Do you know of any other stain that would give me the same, or similar color?

  2. Hi…thank you for your valuable information. I was trying to stain my door flush.I matched with the min wax stain sample . but when I applied it changed the color. I used wood finish natural.Could you please help me what do now ?…..My door flush has become little reddish……..I need same color as mentioned on Natural color sample.(My other door has a little golden/ yellow shades). Do I need to remove stain?….please help me what to do.if you want me to send the sample I can do that…..appreciated.

  3. guess you don't have to use a wood conditioner . on gel stains? , any other stain it will blotch.

  4. Finally someone using a different color of general finishes gel stain. Everyone uses java on youtube it seems

  5. Finally a pine finish that looks amazing and is easy to apply. Nice work on the video! Subscribed

  6. Waoo exellent explanation!!! Can please tell me the name of the staining paint and Varnish that you used please

  7. Beautiful color. I cringe every time I see a video with something built from pine where the builder just slaps on a dark stain and calls it done. Ends up hideous.

  8. I used Minwax stain on Mahogany piano with several layers of diluted Shellac with denatured alcohol on top. Takes longer time to apply but results are like French polish and great to look at.

  9. What does the Pine-gel smell like? And what does the ARm-R-Seal smell like? Strong odor? How long does odor last? I'm in an enclosed space, not the best ventilation. I only use BLO and shellac. Thanks.

  10. Great video, but I don't see any difference between one coat or two coat. ??? You said "the reason for this is just to get the finish on the surface" Did you mean the first layer get absorbed some and the second coat is more of an outer layer?

  11. I finished a swamp ash bass guitar with GF Golden Pine Gel Stain and Minwax Wipe-on Poly (gloss). Turned out great, and I was happy with just one coat of the stain. Good product, and easy to use.

  12. I had some kitchen cabinets made out of pine tongue and groove and the shelves are just 3/4" plywood which was sanded. I don't want to stain any of the wood. I prefer the natural look of the wood. But, I would like to know what to seal my shelves with so that I can wipe them off. Especially if liquid of any kind spills on them. Theses shelves will be holding my plates, glasses, pots and pans, and some food items. Sorry for the long post. Any advice would be appreciated.

  13. How do you avoid the blotchyness inherent to pine? I have to use a pre-stain to help with that, but then my stain isn't as dark.

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