Pyrography (Wood burning) Drawing on Box Elder

Pyrography (Wood burning) Drawing on Box Elder
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Pyrography (Wood burning) Drawing on Box Elder

15 thoughts on “Pyrography (Wood burning) Drawing on Box Elder”

  1. IDK if you still read comments from videos made four years ago but motion sickness is caused when your inner ear fluid (that helps you keep your balance) isn't moving but your eyes think you are. It's caused by signals not lining up in your brain.

  2. I enjoy your pyrography videos so much. Have you ever made Bookmarks? maybe give them to your audience? heheh me.
    I'd love to have something done by you that'd use every day.

  3. I was watching videos of using wood burners for doing gun stocks and grips when I wandered onto this video. Your work is just simply amazing.

  4. no link to your etsy store? lol looks like you have everything else. Great work and video keep it up 😀

  5. Hi Peter may I know what tips and tools you use and How I may go about buying them? thank you so much :))

  6. Your voice reminds me of Cecil Palmer from welcome to nightvale… They way you talk is
    So mysterious yet calming…

  7. Where do you come up with all these designs and everything…. and just free hand it….. I mean, I'm an average artist I suppose.i can draw decent if I need to and want to, but I usually do average stuff as I don't add the extra effort to make it extravagant…. anyway…. I still can't transfer what I imagine in my mind to paper or what I'm about to begin which is this pyrograhy….. I have to see it…. which I still make the image my own… As I can't really duplicate by free hand… but again…. I can't put down things like these amazing pictures and designs you create……

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