Pyrography / wood burning and coloring of a butterfly

Pyrography / wood burning and coloring of a butterfly
This 3 minutes video shows the steps of Pyrography ; copying , burning and coloring
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Pyrography / wood burning and coloring of a butterfly

16 thoughts on “Pyrography / wood burning and coloring of a butterfly”

  1. I have gotten more information from a How to Basic tutorial than this.
    You didn't even show your technique for wood burning. In fact the only step you actually showed how to do was the colored pencil and it was not great. In fact I have seen children work better with a color pencil.
    At least your wood burning looked good.

  2. If you find a design that you like in google, can you sell it after you wood burn it? Or you can only sell the designs you buy?

  3. Thanks, I was wondering if water color would work on the wood but I want to clear coat the box I am doing, would that cause any smearing or anything? I don't want to use the liquid glass though, just polyurethane or enamel.

  4. Hey I was wondering if there is a way to seal the art after you're finished.  I've been using polyurethane to give it a nice gloss on the burnings I've done and I'm worried that it would ruin the water color, but I love the look that it gives the over all piece and I've heard that watercolors are very delicate and can be damaged by sealing.

  5. Thank you! My brother gave me a set of those watercolor pencils that I haven't been able to think of a project for. I'm getting into pyrography now and going through and learning. Now I know what I want to do with my pretty pencils! Thank you very much for this video, this was well done and very helpful. 

  6. using pure watercolors are better than water color pencils on pyrography through my experiences. just try and compare please!

  7. It is called water color pencils
    It is a faber castle product
    It can be used as pencil colors and if you added water to it with a brush it will give you the water color effect

  8. This is wire tip burners
    My burner is not a brand
    It is a wire tip and the temperature is variable using a thermostat

  9. Thank you Azara.
    Keep on
    I use liquid glass for the gives a shiny surface and provide full protection
    You can watch its application in my video list under the name
    How to add liquid glass to your wood piece

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